Indian joint family system is the recognition part of culture and tradition and has acclaimed for its feature of being united despite of internal problems that arise in every family. Nuclear family concept is a new trend that is showing adverse effect on the country’s diminishing values towards joint family and also hyping the psychological disorders that arise due to depression and loneliness.

Arguments towards the topic

Joint family is certainly a blessing in disguise which really conceals the real characters of the individuals and their behaviour. Members of a family live by holding internal grudges and having a dis-satisfied mindset. The personal urges cannot be met with the joint family system, which is an interruption for personal freedom and restricts the way of living one’s own life. The changing shift pattern in individuals led to have their own choices in making their life from the way of being to the way of living. The problems starts with egos and inability to withstand to discuss every problem that arises personally with elders makes a negative effect that is often considered a blow for personal egos. Trends towards western culture encourage nuclear families while the traditional boundaries that support joint family system makes it melt. Today’s generation wants to take the joy of being free and acting individually in every deed they do. Every family wants its own financial backing, but in joint family the head of the family leads the family in decision making and financial concerns which again raises the question of equality among the women and younger members in a family. So it is a traditional flowering bearing the egoistic nature of thorns in its stem.

Arguments against the topic

Joint family system is not a disguise because it is our tradition to be part of a family and make our own arrangements for personal growth. This system invokes the team building spirit and has several features which support an individual’s satisfaction with simultaneous contribution for the well being of family. With an increase in nuclear family system, individuals are suffering with personal disorders like loneliness, inability to share their problems, which cannot be found in joint family system where everything is shared with joy and sorrow with family members and draws possible conclusions if it’s a problem. It supports the moral values of withholding within a family by instigating a feeling of belongingness. Rat of divorce and splitting from wedlock’s is not seen in joint family system. The greatness lies in its ability to withstand in its supporting system through psychological, financial, moral parameters. Being in a joint family also decreases the expenditure of a family by utilizing the proper sharing for every member of the family. And the reflection of tradition always affects positively to live happier and healthier lives.