Though population is a major asset for developing economies it poses severe implications in the long run as the resources are deployed at larger levels than expected, which has given less scope for the viability of long term economic development. Adding fire to the fuel, the corrupted political system along with the rising crimes makes the future vulnerable. So, every country has to take oath to restrict its population explosion which helps in smartly utilizing the available resources. Population levies heavy burden on government to meet all its requirements like providing the food which in turn is dependent on agricultural production. Over past few decades, world population has shown a greater explosion, which made the countries hard to reach the ever increasing demand in providing basic amenities like social welfare, security, health care and other emergency services. Growth of population is one of the major social concerns for development. Population in India is at its high which is expected to cross the China’s population in a decade. Some factors which if implemented can control the ever-increasing population are:

One child Policy

This policy has been adapted by China and has shown much result, it has to be applied to all other countries which are expected to deliver high population explosion. It has controlled over more than 400million births thus adding its contribution in controlling to the population and environmental concerns.

Family planning and Education

Many nations across the world have to implement family planning through proper channel which reduces the overpopulation scenario. It also confers the healthy way of controlling population in a legal way.With an increase in literacy rate, the birth control measures will be surely apprehended by the people and leads to control over population. Otherwise with a view to have more children for earning more income will takes its place and roots to more population.


Poverty is also one the major cause of population growth. The financial view of having more earners in a family dominates the idea of producing more children.


Personal and religion beliefs suggests that children are gift given by god and shouldn’t be stopped by manmade procedures. This belief worries the governments for having no control on their social ideas which contribute to more population.