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Universal Disarmament Is a Must

Disarmament is the process of any country making themselves to reduce, limit or abolish the weapons base which they possess. Many countries across the world possess ammunition and war weapons which can seriously destroy the whole world within minutes and are highly dampening factors of humanity. The most destructive nuclear weapons are produced to meet the military changes with the view of ever growing unrest in the borders of most of the nations for which everyone felt safe to possess the poisonous and deadliest monsters called weapons. To live a life of satisfaction one should cultivate and promote piece. The adage, “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” Universal Disarmament is one of the way through which one can make the world a better place to live. Though we can’t rule out the benefit of possessing arms to protect one’s country from their enemies, we can’t support the view of proliferation, production, development, stockpiling of these undesirable universal destroyers. To promote a safe and secured universe with maintaining ecological balance universal disarmament should pave the path to operate the universe smoothly.


Why Universal Disarmament?

Universal Disarmament is a must to do process, due to every growing international tensions prevailing across the borders of many countries, there exists a chance of out breakage of war. So far, six nuclear tests are conducted in India, which is far away from the rest of the other nuclear power countries and nuclear tests conducted by various countries are as below:


U.S -1054



China -45


The above statistics shows how carved are our fellow citizens to show their dominance over the world. It not only reaps unnecessary rivals but also encourages non-violence. As every country was more enlightened and exposed to the new technological advancements, they involved in making nuclear weapons. But to maintain their dominance on the world, U.S with few other countries and international society like International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has initiated the negotiating formula in the form of START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), which benefitted these above said society and U.S in controlling the growing concerns over nuclear weapon production. So, universal disarmament calls for the awakening of whole human race to stand and support the disarmament programme which makes the world a peaceful place.

Results expected from Universal Disarmament:

  • Fosters international peace and relations
  • Decreases the defense budget which can be used for social welfare
  • Makes the world a better place for living
  • Reduces the ecological imbalance
  • Helps in sustainable development
  • Promotes universal brotherhoodness.

So, the need of the hour to sustain the human life and expect a better life from best political and trade cooperation from all the countries across the world universal disarmament is must.

Karnataka-the state of scams

The year 2010 being the year of scams for India, Karnataka has witnessed a massive land scams along with few other scams with a direct involvement of serving Chief Minister Mr.B.S.Yeddyurappa. Public really can’t understand whether these politicians are not ashamed or did they get gift of being immortal to stay on this planet permanently. Making the Adarsh society scam a minute scam, Karnataka cabinet ministers played smooth card in owning the land of their wish within no time. Yeddyurappa didn’t failed in availing the opportunity to use the law for his personal profit. Many incidents which crippled the democratic ruling in the Karnataka state have happened, and the list of Karnataka scams is:

  • The sons of C.M have acquired a land costing around Rs.500 crores.
  • Apart from the above collectively earned land, to earn individualistic, distinct the elder son of Yeddyurappa, Mr.Raghavendra got a land from Bangalore Development Authority for Rs.10lakhs for a land whose market value recorded Rs.2crore, being an M.P he got this smooth deal though he is not eligible for land allotment, since he had other property, asked upon which, he lies that, he didn’t have any other property and as a common convention he acquired the land and nothing is wrong in the deal.
  • Yeddyurappa has become the first C.M of Karnataka to be prosecuted while in office because of his eager towards the land acquirement.
  • For showing family integrity, yeddyurappa supported his family to acquire 2 acres for setting up a factory in Bangalore itself
  • His daughter has been allotted two acres of land to setup her own business which he claims to be totally legal as the land is located 50km away from Bangalore.
  • Another case which exemplifies his greed to support family is to make them acquire a five acre land to construct a hospital. (Might be, to treat the exhausted public).

“Leader doesn’t only grow self; but always his fellows to excel”, this statement finely sticks to corrupted Yeddyurappa because of the compassion he showers on his cabinet ministers, who followed their leader in continuing his leaders fame of corruption. Other incidents that support the broad mindedness of Yeddyurappa is:

  • Home minister of Karnataka State R.Ashok acquired 9000 sq.ft of land which he mentioned in his election affidavit but belongs to Bangalore Development Authority and his leader helped him to get the land through recent denotification, which cleared legal limitations to acquire the land.
  • IT minister from this cabinet had a strange story of land acquirement. Katta Jagadish, the son of Katta Subramnayam Naidu, IT minister for Karnataka state has sold a land for Rs.40lakhs which he doesn’t own and the authorities that bought the land was shocked.
  • Other ministers were seen in the same fraudulent cases and are just offered other ministries as a punishment. (That’s what we call punishment in a democratic country! Just a transfer!!!)

Lot of political turbulence has been created and many tactics played to play the card in their favour.

2G Spectrum Scam

2G Spectrum Scam has shocked the country, by the loss it incurred to exchequer and the fraudulent deeds with which it proceeded in licensing the amateur companies who even didn’t had prior operational experience in handling Telecommunications. Moreover, it posed a question of both Tamilnadu and Indian politicians, which lost its faith in making the people believe these politicians as the catalysers of country’s growth. The depth of scandal however may take time, it is expected that it had crushed the government’s confidence along with a loss of 1.76 lakh crore rupees. The ways in which it had changed the game of Department of Telecommunication (DoT) are many, such as:

Breach of policy in issuing Licenses

Cutoff date is extended as first come first serve policy which is against to policy and the change in method of bidding is a serious breaching of policies framed by DoT to acquire 2G licenses. The recommendations done Prime Minister, Law Ministry, and TRAI were ignored and licenses were issued in an arbitrary manner. Fee collected against the licensing was followed the2001 prices rather than 2003 prices which show the Nepotism offered by A.Raja for the bribe he received for the ineligible companies. Cutoff date for paying is advanced by one week. Licenses were issued on first-come-first-serve-policy, rather than following the policy of transparent bidding and auction processes.


Documents were forged by A.Raja to issue license which is a case of criminal conspiracy and corruption. The recommendations of TRAI to fix the fee at the present market rate have gone in vain and were totally ignored by Telecom Minister A.Raja. Raja also deleted the para and added new line while releasing a press note made by Attorney General; this letter was signed off by then Solicitor General G E Vahanvati, which eased the amendment for forwarding the applications dates by a week. In the final press release on this amendment, A.Raja has mentioned in his own hand writing, “Press release approved as amended”, regarding which Vahanvati was completely unaware and made the forgery explicit by then former Telecom Minister.


Telecom giants Reliance and Swan telecom bribed the bureaucrats for getting license. Being the biggest beneficiary in 2G spectrum scandal, Unitech is charged with bribery, criminal conspiracy and their chiefs were summoned.

Ineligible companies were offered licenses

85 companies were given license which didn’t disclosed the information required for licensing method, also didn’t meet the eligibility requirement for applying to 2G license. A.Raja, former Telecom Minister justified the allocation of licenses to these companies. Unitech, Swan telecoms were given licenses without any prior experience and adding to the complexity, Swan telecom even didn’t meet basic eligibility to get license.


The license that new telecoms like Swan got without any experience has sold their stake to Etisalat for more profits. Unitech wireless also went with same fraudulence of selling their stake and making big profit. Almost 9 companies paid least amount of fee against 2G spectrum licenses.

Thirty one companies are summoned in the regard of overall conspiracy. The 2G Spectrum scandal seems to hit both DMK in Tamilnadu and INC at centre dragging their faith in the public to an underfoot level. Apart from this DMK Karunanidhi’s daughter owned channel Kalaignar TV has also enlisted in the companies list which had connection with the bribed money flushing into this channel. DMK Rajya Sabha member, Kanimozhi, daughter of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi was sentenced and sent to Tihar Jail along with Kalignar network Managing Director, Sharad Kumar. A.Raja has definitely made his party and Indian politics embarrassing. These types of politicians and bureaucrats should be severely punished without giving an opportunity to plea for bail. How can a minister get into such a dirty scam while he has been obligated to function with high sincerity and confidence to serve people? Tamilnadu elections made clear the anger against DMK and congress party, crowning Jayalalitha as new Chief Minister in the elections held in May 2011. Before ending the total occupancy of conspiracy and corruption altitude in the 2G Spectrum allocation, now government has released 3G. We have to wait for another couple of years and see whether is there any more shocks from 3G allocation!

Should youth indulge in politics?

Politics is the art of governing the policies, people and framing rules for the well being of common people. Politics is an age old science in India. And the question, Should youth indulge in politics always arise in any country?

Arguments towards the topic

Youth should indulge in politics, as India has more population base in the range of 18-40yrs, which claims to have more youth than any other country in the world. Youth with their energy, talent and skills contribute for the development of healthy political system. Anyways experienced people are always there to guide the youth in the policy making matters. Youth being the dominate age group should definitely have a say in the policy making and the concerns about the present and future generations is well known to this group which meets the future necessaries, both to empower and strengthen the political and future of India. Youth with its fresh ideas, perspectives and ability to adapt to the changing global political scenario, withstanding the emergencies and internal security problems could be dealt easily. Even now role of youth in politics cannot be overruled due to their developmental contribution and influencing factors that attract the mass to their policy framing style. Education is another important attribute of youth with which they fully gain the knowledge of the political system with thorough study ethics. Youth with its planning will make the political system stronger to not form any interim government which saves a lot for the exchequer of India. So youth should indulge in politics with high enthusiasm and write their own fate in creating a strong India.

Arguments against the topic

Politics in India has been rusty since independence. Youth in politics can do nothing because of experienced and cunning politicians who knows the loop holes of the judiciary and political system which they use for their advantage. On the other hand corrupted politicians are welcoming their children into politics to continue their corrupted mark of playing with whom they are prone to corrupt entire system by indulging in new scams through illegal business, extortion, black money, money laundering and other extrajudicial affairs. So the youth should keep away from the dirty politics and concentrate on their careers. Moreover, lack of experience in public matters will make them confused which could lead to framing of un-desirable policies that affects the whole political and economic system of the country. And the fastness in decision making without having proper handy knowledge and an overview of the future possibilities makes them handicap that encourages them to make bad decisions thus makes the political system much vulnerable.

Should businessmen run the Finance Ministry?

Business carried by the people at different levels in a country doesn’t confine the picture to a macro level managing of any ministerial position. As business will have its own pros and cons, even the ministry of finance being a big ministry will certainly pose more complexity to ever growing financial needs, policies to be structured and implemented. Question of this hour, Should businessmen run the Finance Ministry? Their own challenges, views and possibilities.

Finance Ministry should be run by businessmen

Businessmen are well capable to do their business rituals routinely and are through with the ever growing and changing business challenges which make them strive well with profits by facing the adversity effectively. Businessmen these days are influencing the drive of economy and governments which show their capability to understand the macro level functioning and nook and corners of the business procedures, policies and strategic planning. The points that can be put forward for supporting businessmen to run finance ministry includes:

  • Wide range of business knowledge
  • Adaptability to change
  • Experience in running big business
  • Capability to handle complex businesses
  • Tech savvy
  • Proactive in nature

Finance Ministry should not be run by businessmen

Though maintaining a business reveals one’s capability to face the business environment successfully, it doesn’t mean they are aware of all public functioning procedures and policies which are legally bound. The complexity of any ministry cannot be dealt by businessmen as it needs support from higher specialized bureaucrats. The macro level view must contain how to control foreign reserves, maintain liquidity with proper knowledge of RBI guidelines in the flow of money and statutory procedures for taming inflation. All these things need a deep knowledge that wouldn’t be part of the businessmen day to day business. So the points which don’t support the view of businessmen running the Finance Ministry are:

  • Improper knowledge on running of statutory compliances
  • Judicial procedures are not known
  • Having only profit motive but not welfare motive
  • Fails to understand the complex structure of Ministry

Cannot oversee the bureaucrats who are specialized in finance matters

Separate States formation

During British rule India had 568 princely states which were based on Divide and Rule policy of Britishers for the administrative feasibility. After independence it has compressed the total state strength and carried its growth prospects. The dis-satisfied people from different regions throughout India are staging their demonstrations for formation of separate states for various reasons. Agitation for separate states in India has majorly for the following reasons:


People from the regions demanding for separate states are deprived of equal opportunities with their counter parts in the same geographical area. Having scarcity for resources for the regional development and inaccessible conditions that naturally prevailing in these areas form major problems for the government to cater the needs of the local people that lead to agitation.


Being from a similar social circle raised the formation of separate states in few areas like Ghorkaland, Bodoland which demands for the social inactiveness of their circle for the government’s inability to meet their requirements through proper channel for which they felt like deceived and ignored and felt as thrown away from the development leading to separate states agitation.


For the political wellness of the local party few agitations like separate Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Pondicherry.  Greedy politicians are making the separate state demands in India more pressures to meet their political ends that incurring financial and safety loss in the states.

Language, Culture

Demand for separate states like Mithila, Tulu nadu from the Kerala-Karnataka region has paved for the separate state demand on the basis of preserving their culture and the dominance of the language speaking people in these areas.


Development is the centric of all agitations made in favour of separate state formation which have many reasons like scarcity of available resources, improper connectivity with the mainland, corrupted politicians and bureaucrats misusing the funds allocated for the area development. Negligence due to low return on investment is the reason that kept these states undeveloped.

Should corruption be legalised?

Most sporadically spread disease in India is corruption, which doesn’t have any limit to root into even the deeper places in the society. Easy money pouring into pockets making life easy and attracting the life towards urban attractions is one of the major social causes for the ever growing demon of this country. Indian corrupted politics in recent days has grown bigger than social monsters like poverty, illiteracy and suicides. The limited list shows how corrupted politicians in India are mesmerizing the public with their caste and cash politics, which would have attract severe punishment with penalty, if India would have implemented a stringent preventive measures to quench corruption.

List of political scams in India :

2G Spectrum allocation Scam

Adarsh society Scandal

Anantnag transport subsidy scam

Animal husbandry Scandal

Barak Missile deal scandal

Bitumen Scam

Bofors scandal

BSE manipulation and fraud

Cash for votes

Common wealth Games Scam

Fodder scam

Hawala scandal

HW Submarine scam

Jharkand Mining and Hawala Scam

JMM Bribery Scandal

Medical Council of India scandal

Oil-for-food program scam

Provident fund scam

St Kitts scandal

Taj corridor case

Tansi land deal

Teachers recruitment scam

Tehelka scandal

Telecom scandal

Telgi scandal

Urea scam


The above list shows only some major speculative issues that has circled news from time to time in Indian news agencies and in the public minds.



Arguments Towards legalisation

When corruption is in such an uncontrollable level, it is better to go for leaglisation of corruption in India so that at least the amount that Indians pay as bribe to meet their requirements, would definitely comes to a low level and the money would cover under income derived and is accountable for government. Many committees, rules, laws have been implemented but with a failure edge which shows that corruption cannot be at any cost pricked down easily as the deep rooted system resists through effecting the functioning of the whole democratic system by encouraging nepotism and favorism.

Benefits of legalising corruption:

  • The amount earned can be taxed.
  • Amount is in white and can be used for country’s growth and development.
  • Curtails the valuable government’s time to focus on other developmental issues rather than beating a whip for punishing the corrupted politicians and bureaucrats through appointing committees, which has nothing to do after investigation.
  • Both the parties involved gets satisfied and smooth running of government machinery is ensured.

Arguments Against legalisation

Legalisation of corruption in India can lead to personal dominance of politicians and bureaucrats by charging high rates as bribe thus makes a path for the inequality in distribution of national income and makes the poor people poorer. The outbreak of corruption scandals in India has certainly made evident that national income has been deviated and the result should be to punish them, but not to encourage. Strict rules has to be imposed and law which makes a over domination above all politicians and bureaucrats has to be implemented that ensures safe handling of national income by creating equality.

Disadvantages of legalization of corruption:

  • It leads to individual dominance
  • Monarchial way of administration takes place
  • Inequality of national income distribution occurs
  • Un-accountable property rises and black money will make short the country’s growth.

Thus legalization of corruption affects a lot the country’s political, economical and cultural status.

Is BJP taking Hinduism as opportunistic?

BJP is a national party in India running on Hindu fundamentalism. Is the tolerance and the accommodating feature of Hindu religion, which made BJP to pick the wise magical word called “Hindutva” which enthroned them to the power in 1989 elections? Or the opportunistic view of BJP made them vulnerable? Whatever may be the cause, picking elegant words for their political ascendancy couldn’t fetch them much foothold.  Wiki leaks made clear in its cables, showing the optimistically opportunistic view of BJP, which has been played in a politically tactful move for the power game.

Samjhauta express incident has put forth the concept of “Saffron Terror”, though this phrase has shown political vibrations from BJP for its rivalry ruling party INC; yet to be disclosed whether it is a Myth or Realty. BJP’s Hindutva mantra being their sole action at their discretion to create ripples for gaining momentum in every election. Ideology anyway is not going to affect the statecraft.

New chief of BJP Mr.Nitin Gadkar emphasized his concern is mainly on the high inflation and now people have to wait for his mentation on the wiki leaks, which also disclosed that BJP’s criticism against the nuclear deal with US in public is meant to score easy political point. Also Mr.Gadkari optimistically announced a huge rally in Delhi against high price rise, has confidently expected 25lakh people to join hands for support now has to answer about the political drama sketched to deceive the Hindus for the purpose of power.

Polarizing facets of BJP opportunistic trade in politics, has raised a question, Is BJP playing on religion for the mean purpose to meet their own political desires? If the answer is “yes”, then people will reprimand for BJP’s hindutva politics. And if the answer is, “no”, probably India can see change in their government in the next general elections.

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Rahul Gandhi arrested

Is Rahul Gandhi Really concerned for landless?

The young Prince of AICC, Mr.Rahul Gandhi has for surprise stated that he is ashamed to be an Indian, in view of his dramatic arrest which took late on Wednesday night for protesting with the farmers against the Uttar Pradesh government’s land acquisition decision. Though it’s a good thing to support the farmers who are staging a non-violent protest in a democratic way and assuring them his support till their demands are met, the statement given by him is not up to his mark. Being an Indian and also one of the key decision makers who can influence a lot at policy making, how can he make yourself so frustrated to go for a statement like “I am ashamed to be an Indian”, which is not a welcoming gesture for his good deed. On the other hand your own government has failed to show its concern to make the Land Acquisition Bill to be introduced in the parliament. If he is really concerned, then why don’t he go for a hunger strike like Anna Hazare or Why can’t he plead his own party and UPA government to hasten the process of introducing the above said bill in the parliament, so that he can justify his actions with words by making a judicial path for the protest of the Bhatta-Parsaul villagers.


He may have his own desires to whip a chord for his amicable appearances at public protests, so that he can make himself a high class political gentleman, with utmost concern for common man; but why he couldn’t put his words in manner, so the trust that has been build upon him wouldn’t be rotten. Though Rahul Gandhi is fighting for farmers land, why is he really ashamed to be Indian, when you are not ashamed to be part of a political party which is stinking with worst grade politicians for their historical performance in stealing the public money? First be ashamed for your words and your party, government’s deeds which has made more frustrated a common man than what you tasted now.

Are you dumb or is that the case that you don’t have no voice to shout against your governments actions? Whatever may be the case, put your words which stand you to make believe your people. “Rahul Gandhi has been arrested for his public concern”, is this the real motive behind your participation in the protest?

Rahul Gandhi’s protests against UP government, though spanned for a short time, has grabbed much attention by making the public to think “This is a matter of concern” and still lot’s more should be done in this matter.

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